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You do not engage in any matter or recite any of the Qur’an or do any action without Our witnessing you while you are occupied with it. Not even the smallest speck eludes your Lord, either on Earth or in heaven. Nor is there anything smaller than that, or larger, which is not in a clear book. (Surah Yunus, 61)

As revealed in the Qur’an, Allah knows every situation of a human being is in, right down to the finest detail. Because it is Allah Who has created all the states and situations in which they find themselves. Allah creates every single detail, a thought passing through someone’s mind, a sensation of pain occurring somewhere in the body, the book they are reading at that moment, which particular book it is, the page and even the individual word, and all these things are within His infinite knowledge. Allah creates any event that person experiences at that moment, right down to its finest detail, what is being said about them, the telephone that rings and the person on the other end of the line. Every one of these things will inevitably take place in the destiny ordained by Allah. Our responsibility is to be aware of this, submit to Allah with all our hearts and give profound and sincere thanks to Him.


When people are preoccupied and totally focussed on the task at hand, Allah still controls their situations. One of the times when people are most likely to forget that Allah has created destiny and every event in it is when they become submerged in detail. Because human beings are very prone to forget, submerge themselves in details and to be unable to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. They may be perfectly conscious and aware of destiny one minute, but if they become preoccupied by some task 10 minutes later, if they stop thinking and switch off, they may well lose the awareness and profundity they had 10 minutes earlier and find themselves behaving in a manner that is rebellious and heedless. In order to avoid such moments in their lives, believers must constantly bear in mind that Allah has created destiny and all things and embrace all means by which they can avoid forgetting this important truth and falling into heedlessness.


People may have to perform very technical tasks requiring great concentration. They may have to wrestle with very technical details and even concentrate on matters that seem superficially quite unnecessary. The important thing is for believer to know and never forget, that when they are engaged in such tasks God has created all the details they are preoccupied by and that this task is ordained in His destiny, right down to the tiniest detail. Someone may be trying to remove a machine component and repair it, to collect data for a report or to prepare a form for a company. They may have to concentrate on the task at hand in order to avoid making a mistake and to think or act with the very greatest care. But no matter how many technical details may be involved, looked at as a whole it is Allah Who creates all things and very definitely He Who enfolds both the task at hand and all its different components. The creation of the machine and the use of the research are appointed in destiny long before the engineer who will work on them is even born. Every part of that machine is determined in the sight of Allah. The company that someone is writing a report for was founded at a time determined in destiny by Allah and will continue trading for as long as determined in destiny by Him. Everything, a single brick owned by that company, a door handle, even the cufflink being worn by one of its employees is all determined in destiny. Our Almighty Lord creates all things in this immaculate form and causes us to watch events in destiny unfold. No matter how much one may concentrate on a task within that perfection created by Allah, we must never forget that He has created all things and ordained every detail in destiny, and that He witnesses everything we do.


The fact that Allah creates all things with a destiny is one of the greatest blessings. Destiny is a great source of ease and comfort. Someone who believes in destiny and knows that Allah has created everything in his life, everything he has and will encounter throughout that life, within that destiny will enjoy the comfort, security and inner peace stemming from that knowledge for the whole of his life. People who believe in destiny are at ease since they never worry about tomorrow. They never trouble themselves and fret about what tomorrow will bring. They know that Allah will create tomorrow in the most auspicious manner for them.

They are not worried about the future because they know that everything in the future is already ordained within the destiny of Allah, and that Allah prepares everything for them, their food, their clothes, their homes and their jobs. They still devote themselves to the natural causes behind these, but still realize that Allah will give these things to them if these causes exist in His destiny, and are therefore submitted to Him. People who believe in destiny are never saddened by their mistakes. Because they know that Allah has created those mistakes in the destiny He has appointed for them, and they reflect on the goodness and wisdom within them. They repent and strive not to make those same mistakes again. They know that Allah creates life with much wisdom and goodness in destiny to allow them to repent. Believers in destiny also know that the moment of their death is also destined, and that Allah will take back their souls at a time, in a place and in a manner of His choosing. They know that when the time Allah has ordained to take back their souls comes, nobody and nothing can protect them. They therefore put their trust in Allah. Since they believe and trust in Allah they hope for a delightful life in the Hereafter. They enjoy the ease of conscience that comes from living for Allah’s approval and believing in His destiny. People who believe in destiny are always at peace because they never fear becoming the sufferers of injustice. They trust in Allah and know that Allah knows all and is infinitely just. They know that everything that happens to them, every response they give in the face of Allah and every word He hears are all ordained in destiny. They know that they give every response and speak their every word because Allah so wills. People who are aware of all this and who know that Allah has created everything to perfection within destiny are happy, resigned and at peace.


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The way that Adnan Oktar’s giant Atlas of Creation contained a succession of fossil specimens that totally discredited evolution permitted the subject of these fossils to be brought up so effectively for the very first time. Before fossil specimens began being used in this way in Adnan Oktar’s scientific books, the majority of the public were unaware that there were so many fossils all disproving evolution. Because nobody had ever before revealed the fossil findings in such a clear and accessible manner in such a way as to so comprehensively enlighten the public.

Under the influence of earlier, evolutionist publications, the public had the false impression that there were only a few fossil specimens in existence and that these generally supported evolution. But with Adnan Oktar’s concentration on fossils they have now realized that just about everywhere beneath the ground is actually full of fossils. In addition, 99% of these have been unearthed and they all, without a single exception, point to one truth: that living things never evolved.

This, of course, came as a terrible shock to Darwinists. Because for the last 150 years, using various deceptions and even forgeries that have gone down in the history of science, they had portrayed fossils as supporting evolution, while concealing hundreds of thousands of specimens from the public. And people believed these deceptions without ever questioning them and had no other sources of information on the subject than evolutionists’ lies. Until that is, Adnan Oktar brought countless fossil specimens out into the light of day.

Today, however, it is no longer possible to deceive with regard to evolution the public now that they have seen fossil specimens in exhibitions, books, pamphlets and posters (as well as the living specimens all around them). Let evolutionists attempt to create all the sensations they want, to write supposedly scientific articles using incomprehensible Latin terminology, or to use the media that support them as propaganda tools, the result will still be the same. It is now impossible to deceive anyone who has looked at fossil specimens and witnessed that living things have remained unchanged for tens of millions of years and that life forms dating back hundreds of millions of years are identical to their present-day counterparts using evolutionary myths. This scholarly work of Adnan Oktar’s by which he has raised the issue of fossils onto the public agenda has dealt Darwinism a most deadly blow, and has been a means whereby the theory of evolution has been consigned to the back shelves of history across the world, including Europe and America.


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Mr. Adnan Oktar, in his interview broadcasted by Bosnian television expresses his deep affection and respect for the legendary leader of Bosnia – Herzegovina, the great Islamic thinker, Mr. Alija Izzetbegovic and he defines this blessed person as “the smiling face of Islam, enlightened, high-quality, eminent, precious and important leader of the Islamic world.” Mr.Oktar also states that he is very pleased with the deep impact of his books that are translated into Bosnian, on the people of Bosnia .
When Mr.Adnan Oktar is asked about the time he had spent in prison and about the prices Muslim intellectuals are made to pay he says: “This is their destiny, their ornament and their beauty. If one is a man with a cause, he will go down that road, just like the Prophet Yusuf. When he sets off this road, he is well aware of the price and accepts the consequences of it.”
He then states that Darwinism had been annihilated in its own bastions. That it had been obliterated in France and Germany, and in its birthplace, England and that there is no more danger in this respect.
In response to a question regarding the Islamic Union Mr. Adnan Oktar says: “The circumstances are now ideal for the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union. There are virtually no obstacles at present.It is as if someone calls out for a union it will be formed instantly.” He continues : “InshaAllah, this century will be one of peace, prosperity and security, the age of Islam. The 19th and 20th centuries were the age of materialism, and the late 20th and 21st will be that of Islam. Everyone says that, from British Prime Minister Tony Blair down. The CIA says so. The KGB says so”
You can watch this interview here.


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The aim of life for a believer is solely that of being a servant of Allah. People are not created to fulfil their vain desires and greed, or to pursue their passions; the one and only reason for our creation is to serve Allah.

The way to achieve this is by taking the Qur’an as our unique guide. We should give all our attention to applying every decree of the Qur’an. Our target should be to observe every decree of the Qur’an as much as possible.
We can see from the Qur’an that the responsibility of the believers rests not only on decisive verses, such as those on regular prayers, fasting or hajj but also on prayers that require interpretation. For instance, in one verse believers are urged to “invite (all) to the Way of their Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious” (Surat an-Nahl, 16:125). The
believers can understand this “wisdom and beautiful preaching” by both applying the Qur’an’s general logic and manner, and also their own wisdom and understanding.
There are many other responsibilities that require wisdom and understanding. For example, the Qur’an describes various models of communities, and informs us of the way we should treat those different kinds of people. And what should be said to those people is mostly mentioned in the Qur’an in the verses beginning with, “Say…”.
The verses that advise believers how to behave are clearly described in the Qur’an. But if these precepts are to be applied to daily life, instant recognition of their true significance is a must. At this point, it is the wisdom and understanding of the believers that help.
The Qur’an describes various kinds of people, such as believers, Christians, Jews, hypocrites and pagans. We must learn the concerned verses very well, because what actually should be done is to identify those kinds of people in our society and act towards them as the Qur’an commands. This is inevitable for being a “living Qur’an”.
Moreover, believers should realize that all the people around us undoubtedly belong to one or more of the categories of people described in the Qur’an. All the people exist to form the society described in the Qur’an and none is created in vain:
“Not for (idle) sport did We create the heavens and the earth and all that is between!” (Surat al-Anbiya, 21:16)
However, it is not only the people around us that are described in the Qur’an. In fact, everything that we see and everything that happens are indeed reflections of what is written in the Qur’an.
“Soon will We show them our Signs on the horizons, and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that your Lord witnesses all things?” (Surah Fussilat, 41:53)
The whole universe consists of signs of Allah. Just like a painting presents its painter to the on-lookers, just like every detail on this painting shows the brush prints of the painter, all the universe and every detail of this universe exist to present Allah, the Creator of all things. The more believers realize this fact, the more will they recognize Allah and painstakingly obey all His decrees. As one comprehends that life with all its details, is actually a “sign” as defined in the Qur’an, one will relate everything at every stage of one’s “daily life” to the values of the Qur’an.
Everything takes place in accordance with the destiny Allah has determined and therefore, everything has a purpose. What believers should do is interpret each event in the light of the Qur’an and react in the way the Qur’an prescribes. For example when encountered with something “vain” and idle, the believer should pay no heed to it. But the fact is; this vain thing is already created so that the believer pays no heed to it. The believers should interpret every happening according the perspective of the Qur’an. So, they actually must develop their culture and characteristics in conformity to the Qur’an, how Allah decrees. In order to achieve this, they must leave all they have attained from their ignorant past and society. They should decide what to do in every circumstance by depending on the interpretation and logic of the Qur’an, because, the words of Allah show them the way to handle each situation. As it is said in the Qur’an, it was sent down to us as a Book “explaining all things” (Surat an-Nahl, 16:88).



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Following on Adnan Oktar’s recent concentration on the Turkish-Islamic Union, a most important, historic advance has been taken in Islamic lands, particularly the Middle East. Voices from Iran, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Azerbaijan and all other Islamic countries saying “Let us unite at once, we are brothers and union is essential for Muslims” are louder than ever before. In addition, these are not limited to comments by writers or researchers. High ranking leaders of state and opinion-formers in Turkish-Islamic countries have begun referring to the importance of the Islamic Union more than ever before, and are even taking significant steps in that direction. Joint economic initiatives have been established, the number of joint investments has risen and joint assemblies have been founded. The common view of politicians and intellectuals is that the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union is now but a matter of moments.

The recent visit to Istanbul by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was particularly noteworthy in that regard. President Ahmadinejad’s concentration on love and brotherhood throughout his visit, his friendly feelings towards Turkey, his emphasis on the need for union among Muslims and the way he acted emphasizing that there is no division among Muslims are all exceedingly significant developments.

Moreover, the way that he followed a Sunni imam during the prayer also shows that Shiism does not maintain a false perspective in that respect. This act by the President reveals the Islamic brotherhood and Islamic bonds between Sunnis and Shias, and that a Shiite can perform the prayer behind a Sunni imam or vice versa. It is therefore plain to see that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looks very favorably on the idea of an Islamic Union and Islamic brotherhood under Turkish leadership, of the kind for which Adnan Oktar has paved the way.



“Four countries of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq have always held continuous talks. … We are four neighboring countries, with shared cultures and civilizations and very broad beliefs. We think there are enough issues to necessitate for continuous holding of continuous four-sided talks.”

“Iran and Turkey have deep-rooted, historic ties and we regard Turkey’s progress as our own country’s progress, being sure that the people of Turkey have the same feeling about Iran.”

“We believe Iran and Turkey can complete the shortcomings of one another and THEIR COOPERATION WOULD LEAD TO THE EMERGENCE OF A BIG POWER AT THE SERVICE OF SECURITY OF THE REGION AND THE WORLD PEACE. We need to strengthen our beliefs in the might of ourselves, and to pave the long path towards the peaks of pride resolutely. Fortunately, both nations comprehend such needs deeply, and know the bright path they need to pave is in need of strong will power. We love the Turkish nation from the bottom of our hearts, and this love has roots in the history of our beliefs. We will remain by the side of one another for good.”



… We share the same faith, language and culture. WE ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. WE HAVE THE SAME CULTURE AND FOREBEARS, SO THERE IS NO NEED FOR SUCH SEPARATION. … There is the European Union, so why not the Turkish-Islamic Union? People can travel and settle within the EU as they wish. They do not use passports and visas. AND WE ARE BROTHERS, SO WHY SHOULD WE NOT DO THE SAME? There is no reason, and it is perfectly possible. … We have the flour and sugar, all we have to do now is bake the cake. (Kusadasi TV, July 2008)

These things are all the beginning of that road. THE WHOLE QUESTION IS ONE OF A SOCIETY WITH A POWERFUL FAITH WISHING IT, DECIDING ON IT, AND FOLLOWING IT THROUGH TO THE END. The Turkish-Islamic Union is one subject we will never abandon. We need to pursue it day and night, from rising in the morning to going to bed at night. We must adhere to the moral values of the Qur’an and labor day and night for the Turkish-Islamic Union. A CAUSE WITH SUCH DEDICATION BEHIND IT WILL INVARIABLY BEAR FRUIT, INSHAALLAH. (Cay TV, July 2008)

But if a Turkish-Islamic Union is established, if a rational-minded Turkish-Islamic Union can be established, these problems will disappear from their very roots. And Islamic moral values will immediately prevail across the world. It will happen in the blink of an eye. That is why me must concentrate on the subject of union. All the Turkic states, which are just about entirely Muslim, and all Muslim states must come together under a single roof. We can set up a huge structure like a Turkish-Islamic NATO, a Turkish-Islamic Common Market and keep them all as independent nation states, in other words, there is no need for states to change form. The system will be based on rationality and true love and enthusiasm. It is essential to eliminate any formality. Too much formality will break its spirit. Formality must be avoided. Love, one; sincerity, two. These matters need to be resolved in a spirit of intense love and sincerity. … If you notice, the idea of a Turkish-Islamic Union has spread considerably of late. WE ARE ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE PROPHET ADAM (AS). THE HEARTS OF THE WHOLE ISLAMIC WORLD ARE BEATING AS ONE. The hearts of the entire Turkic world are beating as one. There is no distinction between them. (Denge TV, July 2008)



The Sunni-Shiite division is a Masonic ruse, and is purely artificial. I do not believe that the kind of person who can fall for that ruse can be a normal Muslim. Shiites are exceedingly pure, sincere, clean and sound Muslims. Sunnis are also completely sound, spotless Muslims. There is no difference between them. They all face the same Qibla. They all believe in Allah and love the same Prophet. I feel profound and deep affection for them all. Any distinction is artificial. As for my own position, I am a Sayyid, descended from the blessed Ali. The blessed Ali is my ancestor, so of course I feel a deep love for him. He was a blessed and glorious individual. We must see the goodness and wisdom in everything these people do. We must respect the behavior of both the blessed Aisha and the blessed Ali. We must now leave them to themselves. We must leave them to Allah. By His leave, they are all in Paradise in the Hereafter, inshaAllah. We must continue in a spirit of brotherhood. There is no need for especially deep research or inquiry in matters of this kind, since it is the final result that matters. We may not be able to understand all aspects of what Allah has created with goodness and wisdom. There is no need for us to attempt to understand everything. Our only duty is to abide by the Qur’an and the Sunnah. (Al-Baghdadi TV)

The Turkish press also interpreted President Ahmadinejad’s messages as important milestones on the road to an Islamic Union. One article by Hakan Albayrak dated 16 August, 2008, said the following under the caption “Ahmadinejad’s Visit: The Turning of a New Leaf in History:”

“These declarations by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a press conference in Istanbul yesterday during his visit to Turkey indicate a new Turkish-Iranian Vision. This vision IS ONE OF LOVE. THIS VISION IS ONE OF A STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP. This vision is one of comradeship. THIS VISION IS ONE OF ALLIANCE AND UNION… The subsequent path will be one of unity and togetherness. Minor difficulties in these bilateral relations can never overshadow that reality. By performing the Friday prayer in an Ottoman mosque with his Sunni brothers, the Iranian President has announced the turning of a new leaf. And the congregation greeting him with shows of joy and cries of the takbir also happily confirm the turning over of a new leaf.” (Hakan Albayrak, Daily Yeni Şafak, 16.8.2008)

An article in Hamshahri, Iran’s highest circulation daily, also set out the importance of the Turkish-Islamic Union and described how that union was drawing a little closer with every passing day:

“The Middle East is undergoing the most difficult days in its history, but we can overcome all crises with an alliance between Iran, Turkey and Syria. America cannot succeed anywhere these three countries act together. It has failed in Iraq. Its plans for Syria collapsed thanks to Iran and Turkey watching over Syria… Ahmedinejad’s visit to Turkey will be A HISTORIC STEP TAKEN IN THE DIRECTION OF AN ALLIANCE INDISPENSABLE TO THE SALVATION OF THE REGION.”

Milliyet , 16 August 2008

“The prayer being performed in an Ottoman mosque is a major political event”

Sabah, 16 August 2008

“The Iranian President performed the Friday prayer in Sultanahmet Mosque:
He performed the Shia prayer in a Sunni mosque.”

Türkiye, 16 August 2008

“Ahmadinejad’s visit has brought the two countries even closer together:
A new dawn with Tehran”

Zaman, 16 August 2008

“It is in everyone’s interests for Turkey to join the EU”

Tercuman 9 July 2008

“True Jews are not Zionists”

President Ahmadinejad’s statements about Turkey’s EU membership and on his view of Zionism were also worthy of note. He emphasized the importance for the Islamic world of Turkey, a Muslim country, joining the EU. In his statements concerning Zionism he said that he had nothing against devout Jews and that the real danger was a Zionist mindset incompatible with religious moral values. Previous statements by Adnan Oktar on the subject read:


Atheist Zionism:

“Atheist Zionists have imprisoned the Jewish people. Devout Jews in Israel are in a terrible situation. The atheist Zionists really oppress them. True, devout Jews are excellent people. They are good-natured. They fear Allah. They believe in and pray to one Allah. They strongly believe in the Hereafter and carefully observe what is lawful and avoid what is not. Atheist Zionists, on the other hand, are exceedingly cruel and bloodthirsty. Theirs is a fanatical system that constantly desires blood and offers that blood up to satan…” (Konya TV, February 2008)

The European Union:

“The European Union is a very excellent, very necessary union. Turkey must join it, but not in this way. [It must do so] As the leader to the Turkish-Islamic world. It must join as a super-state, a bridge to Europe. If the EU is one it will be a thousand. If America is a thousand it will be two thousand. It will develop enormously. Russia will be set at ease, and China, too. All our neighbors will be set at ease. The sun will shine on Israel, and the Middle East will be like paradise to them. They will be at extreme ease. … (Can TV, July 2008)


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Have you ever thought about the fact that you did not exist before you were conceived and then born into the world and that you have come into existence from mere nothingness?
Have you ever thought about how the flowers you see in your living room everyday come out of pitch black, muddy soil with fragrant smells and are as colorful as they are?
Have you ever thought about how mosquitoes, which irritatingly fly around you, move their wings so fast that we are unable to see them?
Have you ever thought about how the peels of fruits such as bananas, watermelons, melons and oranges serve as wrappings of high quality, and how the fruits are packed in these wrappings so that they maintain their taste and fragrance?
Have you ever thought about the possibility that while you are asleep a sudden earthquake could raze your home, your office, and your city to the ground and that in a few seconds you could lose everything of the world you possess?
Have you ever thought of how your life passes away very quickly, and that you will grow old and become weak, and slowly lose your beauty, health and strength?
Have you ever thought about how one day you will find the angels of death appointed by God before you and that you will then leave this world?
Well, have you ever thought about why people are so attached to a world from which they will soon depart when what they basically need is to strive for the hereafter?
Man is a being whom God furnishes with the faculty of thought. Yet, most people do not use this very important faculty as they should. In fact, some people almost never think.
In truth, each person possesses a capacity for thought of which even he himself is unaware. Once man begins to use this capacity, facts he has not been able to realise until that very moment begin to be uncovered for him. The deeper he goes in reflection, the more his capacity to think improves, and this is possible for everyone. One just has to realise that one needs to reflect and then to strive hard.
Someone who does not think will remain totally distant from truths and lead his life in self-deception and error. As a result, he will not grasp the purpose of the creation of the world, and the reason for his existence on the earth. Yet, God has created everything with a purpose. This fact is stated in the Qur’an as follows:
We did not create the heavens and the earth and everything between them as a game. We did not create them except with truth but most of them do not know it. (Surat ad-Dukhan: 38-39)
Did you suppose that We created you for amusement and that you would not return to Us? (Surat al-Muminun: 115)
Therefore, each person needs to ponder the purpose of creation, first as it concerns him himself, and then as it pertains to everything he sees in the universe and every event he experiences throughout his life. Someone who does not think, will understand the facts only after he dies, when he gives account before God, but then it will be too late. God says in the Qur’an that on the day of account, everybody will think and see the truth:
That day Hell is produced, that day man will remember; but how will the remembrance help him? He will say, “Oh! If only I had prepared in advance for this life of mine!” (Surat al-Fajr: 23-24)
The truth can be told to a person in many different ways; it can be shown by the use of details, pieces of evidence and by every means. Yet, if this person does not think over this truth on his own, sincerely and honestly with the purpose of comprehending the truth, all these efforts are useless. For this reason, when the messengers of God communicated the message to their people, they told them the truth clearly and then summoned them to think.
While God has given us a chance in the life of this world to reflect and derive conclusions from our reflections, to see the truth will bring us great gain in our life in the hereafter. For this reason, God has summoned all people, through His prophets and books, to reflect on their creation and on the creation of the universe:
Have they not reflected within themselves? God did not create the heavens and the earth and everything between them except with truth and for a fixed term. Yet many people reject the meeting with their Lord. (Surat ar-Rum: 8)
A man who reflects grasps the secrets of God’s creation, the truth of the life of this world, the existence of hell and paradise, and the inner truth of matters. He gets a deeper understanding of the importance of being a person with whom God is pleased, and so he lives religion as is its due, recognizes God’s attributes in everything he sees, and begins to think not according to what the majority of people demand but as God commands. As a result, he takes pleasure from beauty much more than others do, and does not suffer distress from baseless misapprehensions and worldly greed.
These are only a few of the beautiful things a person who thinks will gain in the world. The gain in the hereafter of someone who always finds the truth by thinking, is the love, approval, mercy and the paradise of our Lord, which are above everything else.

Muslim Creationist Preaches Islam and Awaits Christ – 19.06.2008 United Kingdom/Reuters

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United Kingdom/Reuters The world famous press agency Reuters, whose news reports serve 1 billion people every day, carried a story containing extracts from an interview with Adnan Oktar by Tom Heneghan, the agency’s senior religious correspondent based in its Paris office. Titled “Muslim Creationist Preaches Islam and Awaits Christ,” the report said:

Harun Yahya is one of the most widely distributed authors in the Muslim world. … His glossy books and DVDs on religion and science sell in Islamic bookshops around the globe. He … lets readers download much of his work from his websites for free.

… Adnan Oktar — the 52-year-old Turk behind the pseudonym Harun Yahya — caught the attention of scientists and teachers in Europe and North America by mass-mailing them his 768-page “Atlas of Creation”.

His lavishly illustrated book preaches a Muslim version of creationism…

Harun Yahya speaking during the interview with Reuters in Istanbul on 21 May, 2008. Yahya is one of the most widely read authors in the Muslim world. His glossy books and DVDs about religion and science are on sale at bookstores throughout the Islamic world and can be downloaded again and again over the Internet.

“Every academic I know says they’ve got one of those,” retired University of Edinburgh natural history professor Aubrey Manning told the Glasgow Herald when “The Atlas” turned up in Scotland early this year. …

“This huge impact shows the influence of the book,” the author, stylishly turned out in a white suit, red tie and clipped beard, said through an interpreter.

The controversy stirred up by “The Atlas” has turned the spotlight on a publishing empire that boasts about 260 books in 52 languages, over 80 DVDs and dozens of websites.

Well-illustrated and free of theological jargon, they preach that Islam is the one true faith and Darwinism, by undermining religious belief, has led to the discord, atheism, terrorism and extreme political ideologies plaguing the world.

… Oktar offers his works for free download, even the huge Atlas which in printed form sells for $99 on his website. His other printed books are standard size and sell at more modest prices. …


… Oktar says the “Atlas of Creation” campaign and Harun Yahya publishing empire are part of his religious vision of the end of the world in which he plays a role hinted at in his pseudonym.

Harun is Arabic for Aaron, the brother of Moses. Yahya is Arabic for John — in this case, John the Baptist, he said.

“Harun was the helper of the prophet Moses. Yahya was also the helper of Jesus Christ,” Oktar said. “When Jesus Christ comes to the world, we also would like to be helping him … You might say this is a prayer for that.”

Oktar said Koran verses and sayings of the Prophet Mohammed about the end of the world revealed Jesus would return soon as a Muslim to help Islam’s savior, the Mahdi, defeat the Dajjal or Islamic Anti-Christ and establish Islam around the world.

“Our biggest project right now is to lay the grounds for the coming of Jesus Christ,” he said. “We understand this is going to be in the next 20 to 25 years.”

The idea of Jesus returning as a Muslim is standard Islamic teaching about the end of times. But Muslims normally stress the end times less than evangelical Christians do, and Oktar’s focus on this has prompted rumors he thinks he is the ad, some people have thought I could be him… but in Islam it is forbidden for me to make such a claim.”

Asked if he planned another enormous book like “The Atlas”, Oktar said he would simply continue to turn out anti-Darwin books. “I am preparing a book about skulls,” he said. “I show skull fossils as evidence that there was no evolution.”

Harun Yahya’s book “The Skulls That Demolish Darwin,” referred to in the interview, can be read free of charge by clicking here.


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Abdulhakim, the son of Christian parents and who had been a regular church-goer from an early age, began questioning the Christian belief in the Trinity in adulthood. He became acquainted with Islam through a friend and reflected particularly on the subject of death. He later began reading the Qur’an and was profoundly affected by its verses. Abdulhakim describes his thoughts on first reading the Qur’an:

“I read the suras al-Baqara, Al ‘Imran, an-Nisa’, al-Ma’ida, al-An‘am, al-A‘raf, al-Anfal, at-Tawba, Yunus and Hud one after the other. These had such an impact on me that I cannot fully describe my feelings. When I read the suras al-Kahf, Maryam and Ta Ha I became convinced that the Qur’an had been sent by a Creator and I decided to become a Muslim… The Qur’an both answered my questions and also bestowed great peace on my heart. Another reason why I was so profoundly affected by the Qur’an is that the Qur’an re-arranges a person’s life from top to bottom. This Book sets out a number of rules in every sphere of life that people need to live by and introduces them to a brand new life. I never saw any such thing in the New or the Old Testaments. It is also impossible for any thinking person to read the Qur’an and not believe… I loved the Qur’an so much I was reluctant to put it down even for a moment.”

Abdulhakim goes on to describe his amazement when he learned how easy it is to become a Muslim: “…

When I asked how I could become a Muslim I was told that all I needed to do to convert to Islam was to recite the Kalima. I was amazed it was so easy to become a Muslim because all kinds of rituals have to be held when you want to become a Christian.”

Islam and the Qur’an, Allah’s Book of Truth, brought about permanent changes in Abdul Hakim.

“I changed as I read the Qur’an and I realized that the Qur’an had illuminated my heart, my mind and my life. I felt like a new-born child… I wanted to spend all my time reading the Qur’an.”

In the wake of this turning point in his life, his family began taking an interest in Islam and his two brothers also became Muslims. Abdul Hakim says that, despite being a Christian herself, his mother is happy at her three sons’ conversion to Islam.

“Although my mother is still a Christian, she constantly says: ‘It was a good thing you became Muslims. You are in a much better state now than you were before. Never abandon Islam.’”

Abdul Hakim also says that the number of people entering Islam in England every year is rising and that British women in particular are exhibiting considerable interest in Islam. He said the reason why 51 British women in London converted to Islam last month was that they had learned about and been profoundly influenced by the importance Islam attaches to women.


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The Turkish Public Scrupulously Observe The Religious Obligations Of Fasting And Prayer / Daily Milliyet / 05.12.2007

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The Common Feature of Fasting and Prayer

After years of being deceived by the falsehoods of evolution, the Turkish public are now becoming increasingly aware of religious matters. Turkey has become the number one country to abandon belief in evolution, itself based on unscientific and superstitious dogma. Thanks to this awareness, the Turkish nation scrupulously discharges those religious obligations it owes to Almighty Allah.
During the month of Ramadan, all Muslims in Turkey fast as one and give thanks to our Lord for all His blessings. Fasting in such a way as to please Allah is a sign of powerful faith, fear of Allah, purity and sincerity.

According to a survey conducted by Konda and published in the Turkish daily Milliyet, 82.5% of people in Turkey fast on a regular basis, while 43.9% of Turks regularly perform the daily prayer. The study indicated that the most regularly performed observances are fasting and the Friday prayer. The level of people regularly attending Friday prayers is 56.1%, while 75.2% of people pray regularly, 24 regularly attend mosques and 26.3% read the Qur’an on a regular basis.

Nine per thousand of the Turkish public are atheists, people who have no religious beliefs. The great majority of Turkish society, 86.1%, describe themselves as “believers” and “religious.”

The Shock Caused by Atlas of Creation or The Rise of Muslim Creationism – 03.05.2008 United Kingdom/New Humanist

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In its May/June 2008 issue, the magazine New Humanist, which has been published in London ever since 1885, carried an article about the rise of creationism in Europe. The story, by the Danish evolutionist professor Peter C. Kjaergaard, noted the impact Adnan Oktar’s work was having in Europe. Kjaergaard said that “creationists are on the march in Europe” and went on to report:

On 4 October 2007 the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly passed Resolution 1580, which issued a stark warning: creationism, the denial of Darwinian evolution, is on the rise in Europe. … But what provoked this European body to issue such an uncharacteristically clear and forthright statement? … Examples cited of a growing creationist influence ranged from subtle downgrading of evolution in science education to outright attacks on the validity of Darwinism …

… the report also focused its attention on a new phenomenon – the rise of Muslim creationism. The central figure here is the Turkish Muslim creationist Adnan Oktar, who, writing under the pen name Harun Yahya, has made a career out of attacking Darwinian evolution. … Since 2006 copies of a substantial, glossy and smartly packaged book called Atlas of Creation, credited to Harun Yahya, had been arriving at schools and universities across Europe. In Spain, France, Switzerland and Denmark clear evidence of the growing resources and confidence of European Muslim creationism was thudding on to the mat. The book is the first of a projected seven-part series, and parts two and three have already begun arriving at educational institutes Europe-wide.

… the shock caused by Atlas of Creation is largely unrelated to its contents… The real point is that before the book arrived many had no idea there was a resurgent Muslim creationism in Europe… One thing is clear: creationism has indeed come to Europe …, therefore, we have to take it seriously. … What we have seen so far is just the beginning….


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The Evolutionist Tradition Of Concealing Fossils General / 2008-08-30

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Darwinism is such terrible a lie that,

For 150 years it convinced people that living things had evolved.
It convinced people they were descended from ape-likes.
The theory was treated as a scientific one, even though it possessed not a shred of scientific evidence.
Efforts were made to give the impression that intermediate forms existed, though not a single one has ever been found.
Although not a single protein has ever been manufactured in the laboratory, the diversity of life was still ascribed to chance.
All of humanity was indoctrinated with the lie that unconscious, uncontrolled, inanimate atoms combined together in a random manner and gave rise to states, civilisations and scientists who examine their own cells in the laboratory.
In doing all this, of course, it used only lies, fraud and demagoguery.

Darwinism is such a terrible lie that the proponents of this ideology had no hesitation over producing hoax fossils and exhibiting these for 40 years. Darwinists have made a habit of resorting to fraud in order to invent intermediate fossils. They have no reluctance over taking fossils of perfect living things and using them to invent a whole evolutionary scenario. They have countless scenarios about the imaginary first cell, but they are unable to account for the emergence of even one of that imaginary cell’s thousands of proteins. They say that mutations cause evolution, but they have been unable to endow a single living thing with any advantageous trait by way of mutation even in the controlled laboratory environment.

For that reason, they have sought a solution in fraud. Helpless in the face of the fossil record’s failure to support their theory, Darwinists have taken fossils belonging to flawless life forms and interpreted them according to their own desires, and have even resorted to blatant fraud.

They manufactured the Piltdown Man hoax, exhibited for 40 years, by adding the jaw bone of a recently deceased orang utan to a human skull, and the Nebraska Man fraud by producing representations of him and his supposed family on the basis of a single boar’s tooth. They have engaged in propaganda to the effect that natural selection causes evolution, by adding feathers to dinosaur fossils or pinning peppered moths to the trunks of trees. For years, the portrayed the Coelacanth as an intermediate form, and were surprised when it transpired that the creature was still alive today. They came up with an imaginary “scenario of equine evolution,” although horse fossils dating back 53 million years were identical to horses alive today, but eventually had to confess that this, too, was a fraud.

They tried to use hoax embryo drawings to explain the supposed evolution of man. But they then had to retract that false scenario when Haeckel, the author of the drawings, admitted that “many hoaxes had been perpetrated in the name of the theory of evolution, and that he therefore had no compunctions about doing so.”

In short, Darwinism is a lie. EVOLUTIONISTS FEEL THE NECESSITY TO CONCEAL FOSSILS because their hoaxes have constantly been exposed, and because all genuine fossils refute evolution.

Darwinists Hastily Hide away a Fossil the Moment They Find It, As They Did with Cambrian Fossils

Fossils are one of the main forms of evidence to refute evolution. One hundred million fossils unearthed from the various strata of the earth and revealing that living things remain unchanged since the moment of their first creation represent an insoluble dilemma for evolutionists. The fact that each one of the fossils they should have used to verify their own theory in reality confirmed the truth of Creation lead Darwinists to hide fossils away. They were unwilling for people to see and know about them. They did this a great deal in the past and are still doing it today. They spend hours, many pages, talking about the false demagoguery of evolution. Yet to date they have said not a word about the one hundred million fossils that currently exist. Millions of fossils have been unearthed as a result of a constant stream of excavations all over the world. But there are no museums in which Darwinists exhibit these. They have never put them on display. We know that millions of fossils have been unearthed, but they are nowhere to be seen. And this is a Darwinist strategy used all the time.

One of the most significant examples of this is the fossils discovered in Canada’s Burgess Shale region in 1909 by the palaeontologist Charles Doolittle Walcott. He was quick to hide these perfect fossils, the result of 4 years of excavations and some 530 million years old, away.

But why?

The reason is that the 530-million-year-old fossils in question definitively refute and eliminate evolution.

These fossils belong to a time known as the Cambrian Period. Yet according to evolutionists that was a time when nothing should have been alive apart from single-celled life forms, or a few multi-celled ones devoid of complex, basic structures. According to the myth of evolution, it was impossible for there to be anything else.

But these Cambrian Period fossils were the harbingers of doom for evolutionists. The fossils in question reveal that life forms from that time had the same complexity as living things today, and declare that the present variety of life, and even a greater variety, emerged all of a sudden. Moreover, no fictitious, primitive forerunner showing that these life forms were descended from others ever existed. These fossils exhibit a perfect complexity at a time when, according to evolutionists, living things were in a completely primitive state, and loudly declare that living things were created in a single moment, with the appearances they still possess today. This tolls the death knell of Darwinism and spells its total collapse. Darwinists have a habit of resorting to demagoguery on subjects they are unable to explain, but it is impossible for them to say anything at all about the variety of life that emerged 530 years ago.

Indeed, as the late Harvard palaeontologist Stephen Jay Gould has said, the fossil record, and Cambrian fossils in particular, was Darwin’s greatest worry:

The fossil record had caused Darwin more grief than joy. Nothing distressed him more than the Cambrian explosion, the coincident appearance of almost all complex organic designs…

That explains why Walcott, a dyed-in-the-wool evolutionist, RESORTED TO HIDING THE FOSSILS AWAY.

These magnificent Cambrian fossils WERE CONCEALED FOR 70 YEARS.

The Burgess Shale fossils only emerged into the light of day in 1985, when the museum archives were
re-examined. The Israeli scientist Gerald Schroeder makes this comment on the subject:

Had Walcott wanted, he could have hired a phalanx of graduate students to work on the fossils. But he chose not to rock the boat of evolution. Today fossil representatives of the Cambrian era have been found in China, Africa, the British Isles, Sweden, Greenland. The explosion was worldwide. But before it became proper to discuss the extraordinary nature of the explosion, the data were simply not reported.

The Parrot Fossil Concealed for 40 Years

The concealment of the Cambrian fossils was no isolated event. Hiding fossils is a Darwinist tradition. A 65-million-year-old parrot jaw fossil was hidden from the public gaze for many years because it reveals that parrots are living fossils that have remained unaltered for millions of years and thus invalidates the theory of evolution. That was the state of affairs until one researcher, a University of California, Berkeley graduate by the name of Thomas Stidham, decided to investigate the fossil collection in the Berkeley Paleontological Museum. Subsequent analysis of the fossil revealed that it represented the oldest-known parrot fossil to date and was contemporaneous with the dinosaurs. X-ray scans of the 13-cm fossil showed that a “K”-shaped feature on the fossil (constituting blood vessel and nerve pathways) is identical to that in modern-day parrots. Darwinists resorted to HIDING THE FOSSIL AWAY FOR 40 YEARS in order to conceal that fact.

100 Million Fossils Unknown Fossils

The Darwinist tactic of hiding fossils away continues in great secrecy even today. Most people are unaware that to date more than 100 million fossils have been unearthed across the globe. Specimens known as living fossils that reveal that life forms have never changed even over millions of years were hidden away by Darwinists for many long years, with only a few examples ever reaching the public gaze.

That explains why people scanning scientific publications or the internet only encountered these few, well-known examples in their search for living fossils: there was a Ginkgo leaf, a nautilus, an okapi… For years, just about everyone imagined that the world contained just a few examples of living fossils and these were very seldom in any way surprising. They had no idea that that there were millions of living fossils, comprised of just about all life forms, wolves, horses, rabbits, turtles, and almost all species of fish, bird and reptile.

The sole reason for this is that Darwinists have kept these 100 million fossils carefully hidden away.

Why Do Darwinists Feel the Need to Conceal Fossils?

Because fossils refute evolution. The fossil record contains not a single intermediate form fossil. The entire existing fossil record, 100 million specimens, consists of perfect-looking, complete and flawless life forms. Living fossils comprise a very significant part of these 100 million fossils. The unearthing of just a few of these, even just 4 or 5, would sound the death knoll of the theory of evolution. That is why Darwinists have panicked when confronted by 100 million fossils.

In the same way that they felt they had to hide away the glorious living fossils from the Cambrian Period for 70 years, they are now trying to keep this magnificent collection that totally refutes evolution from being seen.

That is why Darwinists have made such great efforts to keep the fossil record covered up. The theory of evolution is totally discredited in the face of these 100 million fossils. And it is the Atlas of Creation that has announced this. The Atlas of Creation has told the whole world of the existence of 100 million sublime-looking living fossils, just when Darwinists were least expecting it.

The Atlas of Creation
: The Re-action Darwinists Never Expected

The Atlas of Creation has neutralised the Darwinist strategy. People have suddenly learned that there are

more than 100 million fossils in the world and that not one is a transitional form of the kind that might verify evolution. This reality, that they were so keen to keep concealed, has now been put on public display, with full illustrations, and even in fossil exhibitions. People have seen and touched them. All these 100 million fossils are perfect, and all prove the fact of Creation. Some belong to perfect and extinct life forms, and most are living fossils. Darwinists found themselves confronted by the Atlas of Creation when they were least expecting it. People have been given full details of the proofs of Creation. Thus the Darwinists’ attempts to conceal these fossils for so many years has finally exploded in their faces.

The whole world is now aware of the invalidity of evolution. Presidents make unequivocal references to it. The entire world says it now believes in God, with 90% of people in polls conducted on well-known web sites saying they believe that God created living things. The theory of evolution, which was adopted officially in the whole world and protected by national laws, has suddenly become a questionable theory devoid of any evidence, and states are making considerable attempts to have it removed from the school curriculum. That is the result of fossils that had been carefully concealed finally emerging into the light of day.

The fake Darwinist success of the last 150 years or so, obtained through deception, fraud and the concealment of evidence refuting evolution, has suddenly turned to ashes. Darwinists have suffered a shock defeat, just when they thought that they had the whole world in their grasp and had turned their theory into an immutable law. This is a re-action, expected by Muslims and occurring at a time of God’s choosing. Because God has promised Muslims that He will eliminate falsehood and consolidate the truth.

Say: “My Lord hurls forth the Truth – the Knower of all unseen things.” Say: “The Truth has come. Falsehood cannot originate or regenerate.” (Surah Saba’, 48-49)
[1] Gould, Stephen J., The Panda’s Thumb, 1980, ss. 238-239
[2] Gerald Schroeder, Evolution: Rationality vs. Randomness,

The Joy of Ramadan in Ottoman Times

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The Ottoman Empire founded in the wake of the Seljuks ruled a wide expanse of territory for some 600 years and was one of the main shapers of global politics. For six centuries, it ruled over millions of members of the three faiths and of various schools and sects, with all their different languages, cultures, races, worldviews and beliefs. In addition, Ottoman rule was based not on oppression and compulsion, but on tolerance and social compromise. One of the main reasons for this behavior on the part of the Empire was the conception of justice and the ideal known as I’la al-Qalimatullah (Spreading the Word of Allah) adopted by the state’s rulers and administrators. One element of the culture and civilization of this great state, the protector of Muslims and standard-bearer of Islam down the centuries, that has survived down to the present is the joy of Ramadan.

Ramadan is a month of blessings and contains the Night of Power, described as “… better than a thousand months” in the Qur’an (Surat al-Qadr, 3), itself sent down as a guide for all mankind. Throughout this month, all the Muslims of the world fulfill their fasting obligations and give thanks to our Lord for all His blessings. In Surat al-Baqara, Allah tells us this about Ramadan:

The month of Ramadan is the one in which the Qur’an was sent down as guidance for mankind, with Clear Signs containing guidance and discrimination. Any of you who are resident for the month should fast it. But any of you who are ill or on a journey should fast a number of other days. Allah desires ease for you; He does not desire difficulty for you. You should complete the number of days and proclaim Allah’s greatness for the guidance He has given you so that hopefully you will be thankful. (Surat al-Baqara, 185)

The holy month of Ramadan is one of great joy and excitement in Turkey, just as it is in the rest of the Muslim world. Many customs and traditions inherited from the Ottomans still persist in Turkey today; these include the practice of stringing up lights between the minarets of mosques and spelling out messages, offering food for iftar and suhur to the poor and arranging large public banquets and social activities in which the public come together to reinforce the feelings of friendship among them.

Islamic Moral Values Formed the Basis of Ottoman Civilization

One of the small principalities that emerged following the collapse of the authority of the Seljuk Empire was that of the Ottomans. That Ottoman principality soon became one of the most highly developed and important states of the time. And it quickly grew into a world power harboring many nations with different faiths, languages, races and sects under its umbrella. The Ottoman nations represented an area where three continents came together: south-east Europe, North Africa and south-west Asia. At its greatest, it covered an area of 24 million square kilometers. South America covers approximately 21 million square kilometers, which gives an indication of the huge size of the Ottoman Empire at its peak. The Ottoman Empire was the last and longest-lived of the great civilizations founded in these lands over the course of history. The Empire maintained its borders at their fullest extent for 400 years out of its total 600, and even lost relatively little territory during the subsequent 200 years known as the period of Ottoman decline. The Ottomans maintained their power and influence right up until the dissolution in the beginning of the 20th century, and more than deserves the title of “world state.” Military strength alone is obviously insufficient to account for the long life of such a great state. It was mainly spiritual values, in other words the moral values of Islam, from which it drew its strength and which made it worthy of the name of world state.

The Ottoman Empire had no greater ambition than to be the standard-bearer of Islam and to spread Islamic justice and moral values across the world. For that reason, the Ottomans brought Islamic values to the territories they conquered with no compulsion or pressure being applied, just as commanded in the Qur’an itself. For the Ottomans, it was not just the well-being of Muslims and Turks that mattered, but that of all the Empire’s subjects, no matter what their faith or tongue. As Islamic moral values require, the Ottoman sultans largely assisted those who sought their help, whether these were believers or not, and were aware that this was one of their responsibilities before Allah.

The way that major modern states encourage research into Ottoman history and set aside special funds for the purpose indicates something very important. The Ottoman Empire had discovered the secret of being a great state, and maintained that secret over its 600 years of existence. What the West has been utterly unable to understand with regard to the Ottomans is that the Empire had a strategic vision known in modern political literature as “moral politics.” Imperialist powers, on the other hand, have always acted along the policy of realpolitik. For that reason, they had no compunctions about inflicting policies that would lead to long-term chaos and instability on a country for the sake of their own short-term interests.

But the Ottomans never permitted any chaos or instability in the lands over which they ruled. They always sought to implement the climate of peace and security, justice and tolerance, commanded in the Qur’an.
In addition, unlike other nations, the Ottomans never occupied these lands in a spirit of colonialism, but sought to strengthen the Muslim world and spread their faith without resorting to any pressure or compulsion. Some European powers considered the peoples living in the lands they conquered as inferior, as second-class entities and adopted cruel and repressive policies towards them, but because of the Qur’anic moral values they espoused the Ottomans always treated members of all nations in a just, compassionate and tolerant manner.

Important Lessons for Today from Ottoman Civilization

Even as you read these lines wars are taking place all over the world, and people are dying, being expelled from their homes and generally being oppressed. In a great many parts of the world some people enjoy unjust earnings while others earn far less than they deserve. The cruel seek to use the means at their disposal to oppress the weak, while the needy are waiting for a helping hand to be extended to them. In short, injustice rules in many countries of the world. But why is justice not scrupulously enforced?
In order for there to be real justice, people have to adopt the moral values that will enable them to set aside their own interests for the sake of that justice. Those values are the values of the Qur’an, and apply to all mankind, discriminating between none, insisting that all means be shared on a fair basis, and aiming to create a world in which superiority lies not with the strong but with the honest. Justice can only prevail when people live fully in accordance with the moral values of the Qur’an. Indeed, the time of the Prophet (saas), that of the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs who followed, and then the days of Ottoman rule are all striking examples of that fact.

Great efforts were made to ensure that justice prevailed in the Ottoman Empire. Ottoman sultans issued many edicts against officials who misused their power against the interests of the people, and even constructed a system the public would be content with, even if they did not personally witness its operation. One of the many edicts prohibiting state officials from acting in violation of justice and the law was that sent to the Semendere cadi. In that edict the sultan first issued a reminder that the public were entrusted by Allah to him and then stated that imperial officials’ treating the people unjustly was to be regarded as repression and to be strongly condemned. He ordered that those who ignored or failed to fully implement this provision were to be brought before the courts.

Thanks to this just administration that prevailed in the Empire, millions of people belonging to the three revealed faiths and various denominations thereof, with different languages and cultures, of many different races were able to live in peace, free from any oppression, in an area encompassing all the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East. That is why Western scholars regard the tolerant and understanding administrative system brought about by the Ottomans as the ideal model.

U.S. and European scholars admit they are highly impressed by the Ottoman’s vision of justice, which is in fact an expression of the perfection of the moral values revealed in the Qur’an. That is because the way that the Ottoman system that refused to make any concessions when it came to justice and the truth never changed down the centuries stemmed from the conception imposed by those very values.

The World Will Be Filled with Justice in the Time of the Mahdi (as)

The justice that people are desperate for today will come about in the End Times, as we learn from the hadiths of the Prophet (saas). The situation on Earth at the time will come to an end with the emergence of the Mahdi (as), and a climate of justice the like of which has never been seen before will be established across the planet. The Prophet (saas) described this climate that will emerge in the time of the Mahdi (as):
“The younger ones wish they were grown-ups, while the adults wish they were younger… The good become even better, and even the wicked ones are treated well.”

“… He [the Mahdi] will fill the earth will equity and justice as it was filled with oppression and tyranny…”

“The earth fills with justice.”

“During the time of Mahdi, justice will prevail to such an extent that every possession taken by force will be returned to his owner; furthermore, some other person’s thing, even if it rests within one’s teeth, will be given back to its owner… Security will permeate all over Earth and even a few women will be able to fulfil their hajj without the company of men.”

As emphasized in the hadiths, in that time when the moral values of the Qur’an reign supreme, believers will live by true justice. Everyone will be able to make use of all available means, people will be given even more than they ask for, and the needy will be protected and watched over. Nobody will be allowed to suffer injustice, to be denied the rewards of their labor, to live in poverty or to have difficulty making ends meet. By Allah’s will, all injustice and oppression will be completely done away with.


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Let Us Give Thanks for and Not Squander the Blessings Bestowed on Us by Our Lord in the Holy Month of Ramadan

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Almighty Allah has permitted us to spend yet another month of Ramadan with our Muslim brothers and sisters, and has brought us to the time of this most excellent observance in a state of health and security.
As revealed in the Qur’an in the verse “Beforehand we certainly used to call on Him because He is the All-Good, the Most Merciful” (Surat at-Tur, 28), Allah is He Who bestows countless blessings and beauties through the course of an individual’s life. Everything that exists comes from Him. All beauty and blessings are manifestations of our Lord’s omniscience. This is revealed in the Qur’an:
He has given you everything you have asked Him for. If you tried to number Allah’s blessings, you could never count them. Man is indeed wrongdoing, ungrateful. (Surah Ibrahim, 34)

Every moment of our lives, we encounter innumerable instances of Almighty Allah’s blessings. In return for these blessings, Allah wishes us to give thanks to Him.

By His mercy, Allah does not hold human beings responsible for their errors or what they forget. He imparts no responsibility in situations beyond their power. He lifts their burden by teaching them patience, fortitude and trust in Him. The name of Allah as Al-Haleem (The All-Clement, The Lenient) is revealed in the Qur’an as follows:
Allah keeps a firm hold on the heavens and earth, preventing them from vanishing away. And if they vanished no one could then keep hold of them. Certainly He is Most Lenient, Ever-Forgiving. (Surah Fatir, 41)

There is a purpose behind the creation of every blessing. Blessings are not created in order for human beings to use them irresponsibly and heedlessly at the promptings of their earthly desires. With the blessings He bestows, Allah shows us His love and compassion. One aspect of the wisdom in the granting of blessings is that the person using that blessing turns towards Allah. People must not forget that they will be held to account for every blessing bestowed by our Lord, the Most Compassionate of the compassionate:

Then you will be asked that Day about the pleasures you enjoyed. (Surat at-Takathur, 8)

Allah wishes His servants to make use of the blessings He has created, but has forbidden us to waste them. He has revealed this to His servants thus in the Qur’an:
It is He Who produces gardens, both cultivated and wild, and palm-trees and crops of diverse kinds, and olives and pomegranates, both similar and dissimilar. Eat of their fruits when they bear fruit and pay their due on the day of their harvest, and do not be profligate. He does not love the profligate. (Surat al-An’am, 141) Give your relatives their due, and the very poor and travelers but do not squander what you have. Squanderers are brothers to the satans, and satan was ungrateful to his Lord. (Surat al-Isra’, 26-27)

Almighty Allah has forbidden all forms of profligacy, great or small. For that reason, thoughtlessly throwing away food or other things is incompatible with His approval. Allah produces thousands of different crops from the same soil. The earth itself is inedible, its taste and color is almost the same everywhere. But with the rain He sends down from the sky, Allah produces very different bounties with different tastes and flavors from that soil. Even green, yellow and red apples taste very different to one another.

Allah has created the DNA code inside the seeds of His bounties. These codes have never changed since the first moment of creation. The structure of these seeds has been made compatible with the oxygen and hydrogen that constitute water and exist in the air. He also determined that the rays of the Sun, a ball of fire at a great distance from the Earth, should benefit its plants. Yet human beings cannot produce even a single seed from nothing. The foods that Allah brings to our tables must not be considered solely superficially. All these bounties are miracles of Allah. If Allah were to take these blessing away, there is no other power that could bring them back. Allah reveals this in another verse:
Say: “What do you think? If, one morning, your water disappears into the earth who will bring you running water?” (Surat al-Mulk, 30)

Allah has created an abundance of blessings to meet all human beings’ needs. One of the main reasons for hunger and poverty in this world is the failure to prevent waste. It is most important to seek ways of making use of all blessings without allowing corruption to creep in. More than 800 million people in the world are living in hunger. Yet vast quantities of food are still being wasted in many Western countries.
It must not be forgotten that it is satan who encourages waste. Since satan knows that Allah finds profligacy displeasing, he encourages the idea there is no harm in waste and heedlessly throwing things away. Believers must be on their guard in this area and call on each other to behave in a manner compatible with Allah’s approval.

Cleansing One’s Lower Self in the Month of Ramadan

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One subject to which anyone who lives by the moral values of the Qur’an should attach great importance is the cleansing of the self, which “commands to evil acts” (Surah Yusuf, 53). The month of Ramadan is an important time when Muslims train their lower selves. The days of the month of Ramadan, when believers observe the obligation to fast, is an opportunity for Muslims to once again reflect on many issues concerning the moral values of the Qur’an.

Someone who wishes to purify his lower self in the knowledge that he has been created in order to serve Allah will always listen to the voice of his conscience whenever his conscience and desires conflict. A person always hears two voices when confronted by trouble or difficulty. One is the voice of his conscience, which commands altruism, courage, moral virtue and living in compliance with Allah’s good pleasure. One who heeds this voice will always choose patience and trust in Allah and will behave in a manner that is pleasing to Him. The second voice is that of the lower self, and whispers rebellion, corruption, selfishness and cowardice into the human heart. Those who heed that voice will adopt satan, who acts on people’s lower selves, as their friend and will suffer a terrible loss.

The great Islamic scholar Bediuzzaman Said Nursi devoted considerable space to this in his Risale-i Nur (the Treatise of Light), and regarded the training of the lower self as the foundation of good manners, as evidenced in the words “one who does not reform his own soul cannot reform others.”

Allah has created good and bad, gain and loss, beauty and ugliness side by side in the life of this world, and has made them all a test on the road to Paradise and Hell. The test in the life of the world is one in which the good are distinguished from the wicked, and those who listen to their lower selves from those who heed the voice of their conscience.

Believers serve our Lord by avoiding the whispering of satan and the desires of their own lower selves. They never cease following the good voice they hear inside themselves. They know that everything shown them as desirable by their lower selves is merely limited to this temporary world with no counterpart in the Hereafter. People who purify their selves in the life of this world may, inshaAllah, hope for a great salvation in the Hereafter. This end awaiting believers is revealed as follows in the Qur’an:
It is the people who are safe-guarded from the avarice of their own selves who are successful. (Surat al-Hashr, 9)

The lower self is a voice that wishes to turn people away from the good pleasure of Allah and drag them to Hell. It constantly strives to achieve that aim, and constantly whispers evil. For example, it comes up with all kinds of reasons to depict fasting, which Allah has made obligatory, as something onerous. But a devout believer will fast despite this stubbornness and pressure from his lower self. Although it is an obligation he observes for Allah, he does so with joy and hopes for his reward from our Lord alone, and feels great contentment accordingly.

Muslims hope to attain the mercy of Allah by cleansing their selves. They overcome their lower selves in order to attain the Paradise promised by Allah, and thus experience the joy and inner peace of displaying fortitude, altruism and virtue in the face of difficulty.

In the Qur’an, Allah has revealed that Muslims are pleased to live by Islamic moral values and feel deep contentment thereby, and regard any other behavior as repellent: … Allah has given you love of faith and made it pleasing to your hearts, and has made disbelief, deviance and disobedience hateful to you. People such as these are rightly guided. It is a great favor from Allah and a blessing. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. (Surat al-Hujurat, 7-8)

The Month of Ramadan, When We Will Know the Happiness Imparted by the Moral Values of the Qur’an

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Allah fortifies the moral values of the Qur’an upon His believing servants with the obligation of fasting observed during the month of Ramadan. I pray Almighty Allah to root the hearts of all Muslims in Qur’anic virtues in this month of Ramadan.

The excellent moral virtues of the Noble Qur’an direct people towards love, altruism, trustworthiness, nobility, humility, patience, maturity, deep reflection, good conscience, modesty and many other values that elevate the human soul. Our Almighty Lord, Who created us from nothing, as well as the world we would inhabit, the air we would breathe, the food we would eat and the water we would drink, has also shown us the lifestyle by which our soul can be at peace. Islam is the only true faith by which human beings can live in happiness. Allah bestows joy both in this world and in the Hereafter on anyone who scrupulously abides by Islamic moral values—a joy that will be uninterrupted.

Everyone living on the earth looks for ways of achieving happiness. Some imagine that they will be happy when they become rich, others when they find a good job, or when they live where they most desire, or when they enter university. The fact is, however, that nobody has ever attained true happiness by such means. Even someone who imagines himself to be the happiest of men will still have various preoccupations that trouble him, that make him uneasy, and which he prefers not to think about.

Unhappiness has become a familiar state of mind in societies that do not live by Qur’anic moral values. Distress and unease are emotions that people who live remote from faith feel every day. These people, who live unaware of the true religion sent down by Allah, imagine that this darkness of the soul is merely a fact of life.

It is noteworthy how people who live in societies that turn their backs on religious moral values are glum and intolerant of one another, are listless and lack the excitement bestowed by happiness. People who turn away from human values and seek only their own interests become ever unhappier. Consciousness decreases the further one turns from proper virtues. Until eventually people cease even to wonder where the origin of their unhappiness lies and just put up with this troubled life.

Believers, on the other hand, never lead such troubled lives. That lifestyle is unique to people who have chosen unbelief over faith.

Allah has revealed that their likeness is that of people who are under “a storm-cloud in the sky, full of darkness, thunder and lightning:”

Or that of a storm-cloud in the sky, full of darkness, thunder and lightning. They put their fingers in their ears against the thunderclaps, fearful of death. Allah encompasses the unbelievers. The lightning all but takes away their sight. Whenever they have light, they walk in it but whenever darkness covers them, they halt. If Allah wished, He could take away their hearing and their sight. Allah has power over all things. (Surat al-Baqara, 19-20)

People who have no faith are thus deceived into following a very brief, momentary path, and imagine that they can cope by way of it. Yet as revealed in the above verses, true salvation from all troubles lies only in turning to Allah, serving Him and living in the way He wishes.

Terror Cannot Be Eradicated by Condemnation; There Must Be an End to Darwinist Education in Order to Eliminate Terror

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Many countries today live under the constant threat of terrorism. This scourge, which has persisted across the world for many years, leads to the sudden and unforeseen death or crippling of innocent men, women and children, villagers and soldiers by way of cunning ambushes and lethal traps. The preventive measures taken against this scourge have never represented a real solution. The bloody scourge of terror that afflicted countries in the past is still actively employing the same cunning tactics today.

The cowardly attacks and terror perpetrated across the world today are constantly condemned and every new outrage is fiercely cursed. But what purpose does constantly condemning terrorism serve? When has condemnation of terrorism ever represented a definitive solution to the countries afflicted by such attacks? When has it ever prevented new terrorist outrages? Mere verbal criticism of terror is very definitely no solution at all, and is perhaps the weakest response that can be given to such attacks. The real response to terror requires a realistic initiative, deep-rooted action against the ideology of terror if terrorism itself is to be eradicated. That initiative will only be made possible by drying up the swamps in which communist terror breeds.

Terrorists have a philosophy. That philosophy is dialectical materialism, and it is fundamentally grounded in Darwinism. That philosophy will persist and continue to nourish the scourge of terrorism so long as Darwinism is not eradicated and no end is therefore put to Marxism and materialism. It is therefore essential that this philosophy be completely eradicated and people be educated against its foundation, Darwinism.

It is a grave error to condemn terror and lose victims to it on the one hand but for Darwinism to be taught in schools on the other. Darwinist education serves no other purpose than to reinforce communist terror. Being aware, but remaining insensitive to the fact that Darwinism constitutes the origin of communist ideology means remaining insensitive to terrorism itself. Nothing can come from condemning terrorism while Darwinism is still being taught in schools.

Darwinist ideology is based on an outdated theory that has been spilling blood and deceiving humanity through hoaxes and lies for some 150 years. All young people in schools must be taught and shown that this untrue theory built on lies is based on hoaxes and deceit. They must be told that the ideology of dialectical materialism and its supposed scientific basis, Darwinism, are false beliefs. Only then can realistic and effective measures against global terrorism be taken. Only then can those preventive measures be permanent and have permanent results. No other tactics can ever put an end to this scourge. In order for terrorism to be brought to an end its vital arteries must be completely severed and its intellectual infrastructure brought down.

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